Activate Your Gifts...

Align with the wisdom of your soul!

The Soul Summit Party will launch April 4th!

The amazing healers that are a part of this summit...

Linda Howe

Leslie Sloane

Christel Hughes

Norm Shealy

Ellen Meredith

Julia Cannon

Meg Benedicte

Tina Zion

Micheila Sheldman

Donna Eden

Cari Murphy

Heather Ensworth

Veronica Torres

Mira Kelley

Janice Paul

David Feinstein

Prema Lee Gurreri

Katherine W. Thomas

Debora Wayne

John Burgos

Jeffrey McDonnell

Mia Saenz

YOUR HOST ~ Dana Louise Williams

Dana Louise Williams EFT/NLP Intuitive Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Akashic Records Ancestral Healing Practitioner, and creator of The Soular Healing Method®.

The Soular Healing Method® combines EFT, Mystery School Teachings, Sacred Geometry and Original Metaphoric Drawings to Heal Your Life.

The Soular Healing Method® is an advanced spiritual approach to heal recurring lifetime themes. By identifying the underlying energetic grid codes using these original metaphoric drawings, profound awakenings of the Soul are activated. The SHM® teaches how to create and embody the new updated codes and connect to the high vibrational God Self.

Know anyone else who would like to be spiritually inspired?